Boards, Committees & Commissions

  1. Appearance & Beautification Committee

    The Appearance and Beautification Committee acts as an advisory committee to the Board of Town Commissioners on matters pertaining to the appearance and beautification of the town and receive no compensation.

  2. Board of Appeals

    The board's role is to hear appeals from property owners for special exceptions, variances, or interpretations of the town's zoning regulations.

  3. Board of Building Appeals

  4. Board of Elections

    The Board of Election Judges conducts all town elections and receives compensation for the day of election.

  5. Board of Ethics

    The Board of Ethics administers the town's Code of Ethics.

  6. Board of Town Commissioners

    Find meeting information, along with membership and an overview of duties.

  7. Cultural Arts Commission

    The Cultural Arts Commission serves as an advisory commission to the Board of Town Commissioners on matters pertaining to the celebration and promotion of the cultural arts in the town.

  8. Economic & Community Development Commission

    The Economic and Community Development Commission acts as the town's Community Development Agency in carrying out community development projects.

  9. Historic Preservation Commission

    The primary focus of the commission is to protect historically significant town structures and to generate interest and understanding in the town's history and its buildings.

  10. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission is charged with monitoring growth and development in the town.

  11. Tree Committee

    The committee's primary focus is to identify locations for tree planting, plan and implement tree planting projects throughout the town, and assist local citizens.

To Volunteer to become a member of one of the Town's Boards, Committees or Commissions, please complete an application and submit it to the Planning Department located at 705 E Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD  21014.