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Project Spotlight

Town of Bel Air Good Green Initiative for Invasive Species

The Good Green Initiative is a Town of Bel Air project in collaboration with Maryland Forest Service to develop and implement a management plan for the invasive plant species in Rockfield Park. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is carried out throughout different zones in Rockfield Park. This strategy ranks certain areas on a 1-4 severity scale with 1 being the least invaded and areas 3 and 4 being the most heavily invaded. Management involves a variety of different resources including volunteer groups, DPW staff, goat grazing, and contractors. Goats are utilized in zones with ranks 2-3 as well as areas with steep hills because of their climbing ability. Volunteer groups and DPW groups are deployed to zones that rank 1 because it is significantly less intensive to manage. Stay tuned for 2021's update on the Good Green Initiative! 
Bradford Pear Removal 4
Bradford Pear Removal 2
Bradford Pear removal by Town of Bel Air DPW Crews