Recycling & Refuse

The Town's Refuse/Sanitation Section is manned by ten employees who collect all the household trash, recyclables, bulk, yard waste and brush.  Town refuse is collected using four rear-loader trash trucks, one stake body truck and one forestry body truck with chipper machine.  During winter months the Refuse Section employees will also assist in snow removal operations by clearing entrances to Town buildings and sidewalks abutting all Town-owned properties.

Generally, household trash is collected throughout Town on Monday and Tuesday, bulk pickup on Wednesday, and recycling on Thursday and Friday.  Household trash is transported to Days Cove.  All yard waste and brush is transported to HWDC for composting.
A used motor oil and antifreeze recycling facility is located outside the front gate of the Town DPW facility at 705 E. Churchville Road. The facility is open 24-7 all year long.
Oil recycle