Loose Brush Collections

Brush pick-up is initiated by calling 410-638-4545. It does not include debris generated by "hired" contractors such as landscapers and tree removal companies.


  • Loose brush consists of limbs, branches, etc. and SHOULD NOT be co-mingled with yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves.
  • Limbs should be cut down to manageable lengths of 6 feet or less.
  • Thicker limbs greater than 2” in diameter, logs, stumps and bamboo are considered to be bulk waste items and must be called in for the bulk waste pick-up schedule.
  • Brush is picked up on a scheduled basis with yard waste. Please check your schedule before putting out brush. Large amounts of brush will require additional pick-up days.
  • ALL loose yard waste must now be placed in Paper Bags or Loose in cans. Yard waste will NO  longer be accepted in Plastic Bags.