Pending Legislation

Resolution 1138-19 Free Parking in Garage and on Main St. from 11/28/19 to 12/31/19

Resolution 1137-19 Utility Locator Fee and Temporary Use and Occupancy Fee Amendments

Ordinance 794-19 Amendments to Development Regulations; §165-68 Accessory Uses and Table 165-104 Definitions

Approved Legislation

Ordinance 793-19 Amendments to Town Code Chapter 37 Elections

Ordinance 792-19 Amendments to Development Regulations

Ordinance 791-19 Amendments to Communication Tower Regulations

Resolution 1136-19 Harford County 2018 Growth Report

Resolution 1135-19 Bel Air Police Station Proposed Expansion Feasibility Report

Ordinance 790-19 Floodplain Management

Resolution 1134-19 Fiscal Year 2019 Final Budget Amendment

Resolution 1133-19 Town Fee Schedule Amendments for Fiscal Year 2020

Resolution 1132-19 Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2020-2024

Resolution 1131-19 Fiscal Year 2020 Final Budget

Resolution 1130-19 Planning Commission 2018 Annual Report - Exhibit A

Resolution 1129-19 Fiscal Year 2020 Tentative Budget

Resolution 1128-19 Town Administrator's Budget for Fiscal Year 2020

Resolution 1127-19 Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Amendments

Resolution 1126-19 Small Cell Wireless Facilities Municipal Infraction/Fine

Ordinance 789-19 Small Cell Wireless Facilities New Town Code - Chapter 465

Resolution 1125-19 Small Cell Wireless Facilities Fees and Tree Replacement Fees

Resolution 1124-19 Small Cell Wireless Facilities and Utilities Design Guidelines

Ordinance 788-18 Comcast Franchise Agreement

Resolution 1123-18 Amended 2017 Annual Growth Report

Ordinance 787-18 Amendments to Town Code of Ethics

Resolution 1122-18 Temporary Free Parking on Main Street 12/15 thru 12/25/18

Resolution 1121-18 Amendments to False Alarm Fines

Resolution 1120-18 Releasing Claim to Lee Street Alley Public Right-of-Way

Resolution 1119-18 Releasing Claim to a Portion of Middle Alley Public Right-of-Way

Resolution 1118-18 Amendments to Restrictive Parking Zones

Resolution 1117-18 Temporary Free Parking in the Parking Garage 11/22 thru 12/31/18

Resolution 1116-18 Public Road Realignment of Upper Chesapeake Drive

Resolution 1115-18 Updating Flood Mitigation Plan

Resolution 1114-18 Harford County 2017 Annual Growth Report

Resolution 1113-18 Opioid Law Suit

Resolution 1112-18 Sustainable Communities Application Renewal

Resolution 1111-18 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Amendments

Resolution 1110-18 Town Fee Schedule Amendments

Resolution 1109-18 Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2019

Resolution 1108-18 Community Legacy Grant Application Facade Improvement Program

REJECTED Ordinance 786-18 Amendments to Town Code Chapter 272 Itinerant Dealers, Peddlers and Solicitors

Resolution 1107-18 Town of Bel Air Planning Commission’s Annual Report

Resolution 1106-18 Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2019

Resolution 1105-18 Community Legacy Grant Application

Ordinance 785-18 Chapter 435 Trees

Ordinance 784-18 Chapter 450 Vehicles and Traffic Article III. Regulations § 450-37 Fire lanes and unobstructed areas for fire hydrants

Resolution 1104-18 Town Administrator’s Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2019

Ordinance 783-18 Development Regulation Amendments

Resolution 1103-18 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Amendments

Resolution 1102-18 Landscape Manual Amendments