Pending Legislation

Ordinance 803-21 Amending Town Code Chapter 420 Tattooing

Resolution 1171-21 Extending Temporary Tents and Outdoor Dining Allowances

Resolution 1170-21 Intent to Expend Funds -- Vehicles and Equipment Tax-Exempt Financing

Resolution 1169-21 Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Amendment

Approved/Rejected Legislation

Resolution 1168-21 Endorsing a Community Legacy Project and Project Financing

Resolution 1167-21 Town of Bel Air Fee Schedule Amendments

Resolution 1166-21 Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2022

Resolution 1165-21 Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2022

Ordinance 802-21  Amending Chapter 37 Elections Section § 37-18 Absentee Voting

Resolution 1164-21 Fiscal Year 2022 Town Administrator’s Budget

Resolution 1163-21 Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Amendment

Resolution 1162-21 Regional Law Enforcement Compact

Resolution 1161-21 Acceptance of the 2019 Amended Harford County Annual Growth Report

Resolution 1160-21 Redesignation of the Bel Air Arts and Entertainment District

Ordinance 801-21 Fire Prevention Code

Ordinance 800-21 Electrical Standards

Ordinance 799-21 Plumbing and Gas Fitting Standards

Ordinance 798-21 Chapter 145 Building Construction

Resolution 1159-21 A Resolution Accepting the Town of Bel Air Planning Commission Annual Report for 2020

Ordinance 797-21 An Ordinance Amending Bel Air Town Code Chapter 50 Finance and Taxation to include Article VII Property Tax Credit for Active Duty Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company Volunteer Members

Charter Resolution 134-21 Amending Article VIII. Taxation Section 806. Tax Credit for Firemen Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. Members

Resolution 1158-21 Town Fee Schedule Amendments Sewer Fees Harford County System Development Fee

REJECTED/FAILED Charter Resolution 133-20 Annexation of 1.46 Acre Parcel of Land on Catherine Street - Liriod, LLC

Resolution 1157-20 Intent to Expend Funds --Vehicles and Equipment Tax-Exempt Financing

Resolution 1156-20 Amending Resolution No. 636-01 Designating No Through Truck Streets Within the Town of Bel Air

Charter Resolution Numbers 130-20 and 131-20 and 132-20 Legislation Delayed and Numbers Not Utilized

Resolution 1155-20 Holiday Free Meter Parking on Public Streets 12/12/20 - 1/2/21

Charter Resolution 129-20 Amending Article IV. General Powers Section 401 b. 47 Streets: Public Ways b. Public Ways: Powers

Charter Resolution 128-20 Amending Article VI. Town Administrator Section 602 Duties and Responsibilities of Town Administrator and Article IX. Personnel Section 901 Departments of the Town

Ordinance 796-20 Amending Chapter 450: Vehicles and Traffic § 450-43: Fee-in-lieu rates

Resolution 1154-20 Acceptance of the 2019 Annual Harford County Growth Report

Resolution 1153-20 Town Fee Schedule Amendments - Sewer Fees - Harford County System Development Fee

Ordinance 795-20 Amendments to Development Regulations Chapter 465, Article VII, Performance Standards, Parking, and Loading (amending front yard driveway limits)

Resolution 1152-20 Planning Commission 2019 Annual Report

Resolution 1151-20 Fiscal Year 2021 Final Budget

Resolution 1150-20 Amendments to Restrictive Parking Zones

Resolution 1149-20 Amendments to Stop Sign Locations

Charter Resolution 126-20 Amending Article IV: General Powers Section 401

Resolution 1147-20 Fiscal Year 2021 Tentative Budget

Resolution 1148-20 Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Amendments

Resolution 1146-20 Fiscal Year 2021 Town Administrator’s Budget

Resolution 1145-20 Scheduling Meeting Dates for Budgetary Process for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2020

Resolution 1144-20 Acceptance of the Amended 2018 Harford County Annual Growth Report

Resolution 1143-20 Armory Fee Schedule Amendments

Resolution 1142-20 Designation of Town Attorney to prosecute Municipal Infractions

Resolution 1141-20 Designation of Enforcement Officer for Municipal Infractions

Resolution 1140-19 Intent to Expend Funds - Vehicle and Equipment Tax-Exempt Financing

Resolution 1139-19 Free Holiday Parking in Garage and Main Street (repeal & replace Res. No. 1138-19)

Resolution 1138-19 Free Parking in Garage and on Main St. from 11/28/19 to 12/31/19

Resolution 1137-19 Utility Locator Fee and Temporary Use and Occupancy Fee Amendments

Ordinance 794-19 Amendments to Development Regulations; §165-68 Accessory Uses and Table 165-104 Definitions

Ordinance 793-19 Amendments to Town Code Chapter 37 Elections

Ordinance 792-19 Amendments to Development Regulations

Ordinance 791-19 Amendments to Communication Tower Regulations

Resolution 1136-19 Harford County 2018 Growth Report

Resolution 1135-19 Bel Air Police Station Proposed Expansion Feasibility Report

Ordinance 790-19 Floodplain Management

Resolution 1134-19 Fiscal Year 2019 Final Budget Amendment

Resolution 1133-19 Town Fee Schedule Amendments for Fiscal Year 2020

Resolution 1132-19 Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2020-2024

Resolution 1131-19 Fiscal Year 2020 Final Budget

Resolution 1130-19 Planning Commission 2018 Annual Report - Exhibit A

Resolution 1129-19 Fiscal Year 2020 Tentative Budget

Resolution 1128-19 Town Administrator’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2020

Resolution 1127-19 Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Amendments

Resolution 1126-19 Small Cell Wireless Facilities Municipal Infraction/Fine

Ordinance 789-19 Small Cell Wireless Facilities New Town Code - Chapter 465

Resolution 1125-19 Small Cell Wireless Facilities Fees and Tree Replacement Fees

Resolution 1124-19 Small Cell Wireless Facilities and Utilities Design Guidelines

Ordinance 788-18 Comcast Franchise Agreement

Resolution 1123-18 Amended 2017 Annual Growth Report

Ordinance 787-18 Amendments to Town Code of Ethics

Resolution 1122-18 Temporary Free Parking on Main Street 12/15 thru 12/25/18

Resolution 1121-18 Amendments to False Alarm Fines

Resolution 1120-18 Releasing Claim to Lee Street Alley Public Right-of-Way

Resolution 1119-18 Releasing Claim to a Portion of Middle Alley Public Right-of-Way

Resolution 1118-18 Amendments to Restrictive Parking Zones

Resolution 1117-18 Temporary Free Parking in the Parking Garage 11/22 thru 12/31/18

Resolution 1116-18 Public Road Realignment of Upper Chesapeake Drive

Resolution 1115-18 Updating Flood Mitigation Plan

Resolution 1114-18 Harford County 2017 Annual Growth Report

Resolution 1113-18 Opioid Law Suit

Resolution 1112-18 Sustainable Communities Application Renewal

Resolution 1111-18 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Amendments

Resolution 1110-18 Town Fee Schedule Amendments

Resolution 1109-18 Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2019

Resolution 1108-18 Community Legacy Grant Application Facade Improvement Program

REJECTED Ordinance 786-18 Amendments to Town Code Chapter 272 Itinerant Dealers, Peddlers and Solicitors

Resolution 1107-18 Town of Bel Air Planning Commission’s Annual Report

Resolution 1106-18 Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2019

Resolution 1105-18 Community Legacy Grant Application

Ordinance 785-18 Chapter 435 Trees

Ordinance 784-18 Chapter 450 Vehicles and Traffic Article III. Regulations § 450-37 Fire lanes and unobstructed areas for fire hydrants

Resolution 1104-18 Town Administrator’s Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2019

Ordinance 783-18 Development Regulation Amendments

Resolution 1103-18 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Amendments

Resolution 1102-18 Landscape Manual Amendments

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