New Important Information

Starting September 1, 2017, several changes are being made in the way Town of Bel Air collects Yard Waste items. These changes are being made to coincide with new guidelines being implemented at Scarborough Landfill where most of the Town's yard waste is discarded. Most importantly, ALL LOOSE YARD WASTE MUST NOW BE placed in PAPER BAGS or LOOSE  in a can. Plastic Bags will NO longer be acceptable to bag loose yard waste such as grass clippings, loose leaves, hedge  trimmings, etc.

Another change starting September 1, 2017 is some items that used to be collected as yard waste will now be collected as Bulk Items. These items include:

* logs

* tree branches exceeding 6" in diameter

* shrub and tree root balls

* dirt & rocks

* small tree stumps 12" in diameter or less

* thistle, poke weed and other invasive and noxious weeds

* poison ivy, poison oak & sumac as well as diseased and insect infested plant material

* bamboo - must be cut in five foot (5') or less length, have a girth not to exceed six feet (6") and weigh no greater than fifty pounds (50 lbs.)