Bulk-Special Collections

Bulk Waste will be collected EVERY OTHER WEEK (except when a regular trash day has been offset by a Holiday) APPOINTMENT ONLY- by calling the Department of Public Works at (410) 638-4545, 24 hours in advance.

* Wood Bulk   - Wood pieces need to be cut in five foot (5') lengths with nails or screws removed or bent  down. All wood that is not put out properly will not be picked up and will be tagged with the reason why materials were not collected. 

* Bamboo  - all bamboo must be cut in five foot (5') or less length, have a girth not to exceed six feet (6") and weigh no greater than fifty pounds (50 lbs.)

* Waste Matter from Building & Contractual Operations - Waste that is generated by any person, corporation, contractor or subcontractor engaged in the alteration, repair, construction, excavation, or demolition of a structure, walk, driveway or other appurtenance shall remove and dispose of, at his expense, all refuse, rubbish, or waste matter resulting from such alteration, repair, construction, excavation, or demolition. The Town will not collect waste matter from building and contractual operations.