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1. Whom should I speak with regarding rental of the Bel Air Armory?
2. What kinds of events are held at the Bel Air Armory?
3. Where are you located?
4. Is parking available nearby?
5. Can I see the facility?
6. How much does it cost to rent the Armory?
7. How much time does my rental include?
8. How many people can attend my event?
9. How many people can be seated?
10. Is there a fee for using your tables and chairs?
11. Do I need insurance for my event?
12. Where can I get insurance for my event?
13. Can I choose my own caterer?
14. Do you have a kitchen?
15. Is there a fee to use the kitchen?
16. Is alcohol allowed at the Bel Air Armory?
17. Can my caterer provide and serve alcohol?
18. Can I decorate to coordinate with the theme of my event?
19. Can I rent the park outside of the Armory?