What is the Comprehensive Plan?
The Comprehensive Plan is a document that establishes the long range planning goals and objectives of the Town of Bel Air. It is prepared by the Bel Air Planning Commission and adopted by the Bel Air Board of Town Commissioners after public hearings. This document is updated every ten years and establishes policies and goals to guide growth, land use and conservation. It recommends guidelines and actions for transportation, public facilities, land use, water and sewer, recreation, park land and open space, housing, community services, historic preservation, environmental protection, economic development, water resources and municipal growth.

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1. What is the role of the Department of Planning and Community Development?
2. What is the Comprehensive Plan?
3. What are the roles of the Planning Commission and Board of Appeals?
4. How can residents express their views about development proposals?
5. What statistical or map information is available?
6. How does the town annexation process work?