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About the MA & PA Heritage Trail, Inc.

The MA & PA Heritage Trail, Inc. works in partnership with Harford County Parks & Recreation to make the MA & PA trails a great place to be outdoors in Harford County. We also work to preserve the memory of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad. At present, there are 100+ members.


We meet every four months at Charm City Run located at 126 S. Main St., Bel Air. A representative from the Harford County Parks and Recreation Department also attends each meeting.We discuss issues of importance and look at ways to improve the trail for citizens of Harford County and our visitors. In the past, we have also invited guests, as needed, to provide information about trail concerns and suggestions. See our Meetings Page or visit us on Facebook for specific dates and times.

Membership Dues

Membership dues support projects and improvements, a newsletter and this Web site. Membership funds have also supported:

  • Special donations to Annie’s Playground, including funds for a proposed climbing wall and new rest rooms
  • Dog park maintenance at the Tollgate Road end of the Bel Air trail
  • A contribution to the water fountains on the Bel Air trail
  • Safety vests for trail monitors

We also helped to place 20 permanent signs along the trails that will help visitors identify historical and environmental points of interest from the days of the MA & PA Railroad in Bel Air and Forest Hill. This project was supported by a grant from the Maryland Department of Transportation, under the National Recreational Trails Program.

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